A L P I N E DONKEY CAMP, near Bolzano (Italy)


            Sunday, June 25° – Saturday, July 1°

A one week experience for kids between 9 and 14 years old,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA languages spoken Italian-English-German

The course is a seven-day Camp with donkey in an amazing “Maso” (a farm 800 meters above sea level) . During the first few days at the Donkey Camp the facilitators will provide a gentle introduction to learning everything the children will need to know, including a short overnight expedition in the woods with the donkeys. Activities will be leaded in English and Italian from an English speaker educator and from an Italian outdoor ed.

What will the participants learn?

During the seven-day Donkey Camp experience the children will learn:

  • how to lead the donkeys

  • how to load them properly

  • how to look after the animals

  • how to pitch a tent (and make it waterproof!)

  • how to set a mobile fence

  • how to cook on a fire

  • and much much more on preparing and organizing for a proper expedition


The Donkey Camp price of 350 Euros includes:

  • Membership Sporting Association l’andar che radica
  • Lodging
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Insurance
  • Trekking equipment for 1-day trek: tents, camp kitchen, compasses, maps… (all personal equipment necessary for all children is excluded)

For further information please contact us at:


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