DONKEY SCHOOL – trek your class !

donkey 15 luglio 078From 5 up to 9 days donkey experience (including trekking) in Tuscany. A program designed for a single class from 10 to 18 years old kids.

Donkey school is an extremely engaging adventure aims to experience practical ecology and to learn from Nature trough body, hart and mind.


Together with donkeys the class will face the adventure of the trekking, where pupils will have to find and to use their personal and group resources and strength solving all thoseunexpected problems that will appear during walk.


SHEEP EXPERIENCE – the transhumance

20100713-2-pecore-fila-stradina-2From 3 to 6 days adventure around Pari (Gr – Tuscany) wilderness and agricultural area for single class of kids from 10 to 18 years old.

A full-immersion on nature facing one of the most ancient human journey: the transhumance that will offer to the kids the opportunity to discover their quality as individual and as a team. A useful experience of practical and theoretical ecology !

Sheep, symbol of perseverance and tranquillity will teach a different rhythm on whichannalisa (96) to base our movements and decision to solve those little but constant unexpected problems that we will meet during the trip.

To receive further information concerning specific goals, organization and price please contact us at:


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